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Why You Should Ditch Traditional Co-Living Accommodations

Shared living spaces, also known as co-living accommodations are becoming very popular these days, as they are far more affordable and flexible than traditional accommodations. However, as you start hunting for the best co-living in Bangalore, you will understand the challenges in this job. Though they are affordable, they may not be ideal for you if you are looking for 100% privacy. Sometimes, even these traditional co-living accommodations offer you complete privacy, they may not be situated in the best of locations.

It is a good idea to conduct thorough research and do enough groundwork before deciding if traditional co-living accommodations would suit you. It needn’t work for you because it worked for your friend. These co-living spaces come with the following features that may not be ideal for all, even though they are more affordable than traditional homes.

No privacy

When you are looking for the best co-living for couples in Bangalore, or elsewhere, the first point you would look for is privacy. Unfortunately, not many co-living spaces provide you with this. You may have to deal with nosy neighbors, shared common living areas and other related issues. You may have moved out of your home to a co-living space expecting some freedom and privacy. However, you may not get what you want from these types of traditional co-living accommodations.

Chances of conflict

When looking for the best co-living in Bangalore, you should look for spaces that don’t have many people living with you. Chances of conflict are more in co-living spaces, as it becomes difficult to draw boundaries and live within them. It is even more challenging to expect those living with you to respect those boundaries and stay within their limits. Sometimes, even a small issue can lead to a huge conflict, disrupting your peace of mind.

No control over common spaces

Do you love to work from your living room? If yes, you must know that traditional co-living accommodations don’t give you that luxury. Your privacy is limited to your bedroom only. Your housemates are free to use the common spaces like living rooms whenever they want, thereby disturbing your flow of work. Despite paying for the entire house, you will have limited or no control over the common spaces.

As you can see, looking for the best co-living for boys in Bangalore comes with its own risks. A co-living space may look fancy and comfortable from the outside, but the ones listed above are only some of the basic problems you will have to face when you choose to live in one of them.

A traditional co-living accommodation may be the right choice for you if you satisfy the following conditions:

  • A big community doesn’t impact you, as you love to develop a big network of friends.
  • The flexibility and affordability of the co-living spaces outweigh all other problems that you may have to encounter while living there.
  • You don’t mind sharing common spaces and amenities with the others living with you.
  • You know to maintain a balance while living in co-living spaces, and handle conflicts with ease & elegance.


In this case, you can set out to search for the best co-living in Bangalore, or any other area of your choice. Even if you are extremely flexible and prepared to live in co-living spaces, it is a good idea to consider important factors like privacy, location, quality of the community, cost, shared amenities and more. It would be a good idea to read the reviews of these spaces thoroughly before you decide to choose one of them for your living arrangement.  If possible, visit the co-living accommodation personally, because online photos may not tell you the actual story of the place.

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