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How to prepare for a mammography test

A mammography test is like an X-ray of the image. Your doctor may ask you to take this test to detect breast cancer. With the advent of technology, you have nothing to be worried about, when you are about to go for this test. A digital mammography in Bangalore takes only a few minutes. This test is very important along with your regular breast examinations, as it helps to diagnose breast cancer in the early stages itself, thereby helping in quick recovery.

Steps to prepare for a mammography test

A diagnostic center in Bangalore or elsewhere will explain to you in detail the steps you need to follow while preparing for a  mammography test. Once you take care of these steps, the process is a breeze!

  • Choose the date of mammography on a day when your breasts are not tender or swollen. For this purpose, avoid the days when you are menstruating, or a week before your menstrual cycle. When you are in pain, the mammography might hurt a bit, and the pictures may not be very accurate.
  • Avoid the application of perfumes, talcum powder, lotions, creams and antiperspirants under your breasts or in your underarms on the day of the mammography test. These chemicals will appear as small white spots in your test, and the physician may not be able to infer the results from the images accurately.
  • Wear an easy-to-remove top, and pair it with a skirt or trousers below. This way, you can easily remove your top and brassiere during the process of the mammography. When you wear a gown, you will have to remove it completely, and you may feel uncomfortable as you are almost naked during the process.
  • Tell your doctor all the details about the discomfort you have been facing in your breasts, previous issues (if any), changes in your breasts and other related problems. This will help your doctor to recommend you to the right type of mammography test for the correct images.
  • It is always better to go to the same diagnostic center in Bangalore for your scheduled mammograms and breast screenings. The center would already have your previous breast screening records, and it would be easier to track your progress this way. Also, you cannot deny the sense of comfort you feel when you interact with the same staff, instead of having to undress before a new person every time.

Gone are the days when you had to wait for about 3 to 4 hours for the radiologist to give your report after a mammography. Today, when you opt for a digital mammography in Bangalore, you can get your report immediately after the process. While in the regular process, the X-ray image is developed into a hard copy, it gets converted into an e-picture of the breast in digital mammography. This picture is saved on the computer, and is available to the patients as soon as they are out of the X-ray room.

Apart from the phenomenal reduction in waiting time, the most important benefit of digital mammography is its attention to detail. A radiologist or doctor can capture the minutest details of the breast’s image. These details sometimes get missed in the regular mammogram.

As long as you follow the above-mentioned steps, and are transparent with your doctor when it comes to discomfort in your breast, you have nothing to be worried or scared about a mammogram. While the entire process takes only a few minutes, it plays a vital role in identifying breast cancer in the early stages. This way, you can start your treatment as soon as possible, and you will be on the road to recovery before you even realize it.

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