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IamHere: A Social Networking Platform to connect you with your locality

Are you a small business person who wants to attract customers to your neighbourhood? Have you opened a small business with your hobby and want to let people know? So, IamHere is in the market to give your way out of this problem. IamHere is a new social network platform that will give a spotlight market to you and your business. This network connects people by their hobbies, profession, and social causes.

 In this app, people will know you and your business through the location of the map. With the help of this app, people will recognize their surroundings and what is available there. The main motto of this app is to connect your virtual locality with your real-life locality. It is not only for the advantage of the business persons. But also, it will help a person to know what can be found in his neighbourhood easily through a map. You could briefly know about your locality through this app.

Founders of IamHere

The names of the founders are- Naren Kumar, Pratik Khade, Deepa Karthik. These three people collaborated to make this dream idea of IamHere become true into a real app.

Naren was previously working in BITS in the technology and business department at Cisco, Schneider Electric. Now he is a part of an IoT start-up. Deepa has been a product manager and leader at Amazon, Groupon, Redbus, and Zoomcar and successfully launched many B2C apps in Indian and South Asian markets. Pratik was from a professional network, and he served as a technology leader in Nokia, Samsung, and LG. He is now product development for an internet security start-up called Virsec.

Their idea was to connect people with their businesses and hobbies through the map.

How did this scheme of IamHere come to their mind?

When Naren went for his MBA to Mumbai, he faced a huge problem to find people for pursuing his guitar lessons, and also, he couldn’t find people for his requirements. It took him three years to recognize everything in his neighbours.

So, he realized that people don’t have any platform to know their neighbourhood. People nearby who have just started a small business as a profession don’t have the idea of promotions and advertisements. So, they cannot share their concept about their business with all the people in their neighbourhood. From this realization, he wanted to give them a platform for social networking. By this, they could share their location along with their profession.

The main aim of IamHere

IamHere is an AI-based social networking platform. It is here to connect your locality with you. Nowadays, in the era of technology, we are connected with people worldwide. But, when we need someone in our locality, we have to face problems. IamHere is the solution to this problem. Here you can know people from every small business and profession in your locality along with their location. The app has upgraded into a version where you can also chat with them and have a wall to post about your details. Also, the people can use it as a promotion for their business and profession to attract customers to your business.

Nomenclature and logo forming procedure

The main formula of this name IamHere is that everyone could understand the name, starting from a 5th class pass cab driver to highly educated ones. So, they decided to give an easy English name to give it worldwide understanding.    

For the logo, they want to give the impact of the map in it. By watching the logo and its name, people should understand its work and speciality.

Start-up launch

After a few months of testing with 100 users, including friends and family, this app was launched on Playstore. Today it is a big success and victory for the team. IamHere has more than 100 thousand users in Bangalore now. And now it has been emerging all over the world. Firstly, it was a hectic struggle to attract users, but now the situation has changed totally. IamHere has got its way to success. Every user gets to recommend this app to others, and thus the user list is exceeding day by day. Today the team can boldly say that about 500 users are inevitably coming. Gradually people are starting to trust this app, and that’s what is success for the team.

Naren Kumar has wished that after two years from now, they would cross 10 million users. He also hopes that one day, the user list will cross 25+ cities across the whole country.

Awards & honours of IamHere

  • AppBrain is the global rating platform for apps. It puts this app in the Top 10 Social apps in India.
  • The app is enlisted in the list of Top 10 social apps in India by AppBrain.
  • In 2019, the app got the ELEVATE, the Government grant initiative.
  • It got the “Emerging Tech Startup” award from The Economic Times.
  • Financial Express enlisted it in their Top 6 start-up business.
  • IamHere was recognized at the AsiaOne Award Programme, which takes place in Bangkok.

Business and Profit Model of IamHere

It has two approaches to the users. One is social commerce and advertisements. Another one is a private one that has a subscription for colleges, companies, and populating society.


IamHere has gained popularity in various parts of the world. It has got awards from several platforms. The idea of the app to connect the locality is unique. So, it is appreciated across the globe. This app will also grow in the future for its dedicated service to the commoners. Download the app IamHere to increase your reach in your locality and to pursue your dreams.

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