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Aluminium Vs UPVC Windows (PROS & CONS)

Aluminium vs UPVC windows – it has been a longstanding debate as to which is better when put to comparison. There have been multiple surveys taken over them through homeowners so that one can come to a close call as to what’s to be chosen. It still can be a tough decision to make when considering the installation of new windows. Let’s take a glance at both the pros and cons of UPVC and aluminium windows. This shall help people make the right choice as per their property and budget.

  • The durability of UPVC vs aluminium windows
  • UPVC stands for unplasticised PolyVinyl Chloride and has been an ever-growing popular choice for window frames since the year 1980s. It owes its popularity to very durable material and its resistance towards rotting. These attributes simply mean that they have a longer lifespan and require very minimal maintenance. However, on the downside, frames can degrade over the years though that is comparatively pretty much at a slower rate than timber windows which require replacement after two to three decades.
  • When put to rest aluminium is also an impressively high durable material. Also, the high-quality aluminium windows can last up to three to four decades because they don’t degrade in the same way as that of UPVC. Unlike other metals, aluminium also is well protected against rust. Hence there’s almost nothing that you have to worry about when it comes to your window frames sustaining unsightly patches of rust in the future.
  • The energy efficiency of aluminium vs UPVC windows

One reason why aluminium has been considered less favourable as correlated to UPVC in the yore is due to its low thermal efficiency. Aluminium is a highly conductive material. This means that the heat can pass through it very easily. For a while, aluminium was therefore seen as a thermally inefficient choice for windows while  UPVC was championed by the UPVC Windows Manufacturers. 

  • However, technology has come a long way. Many modifications have been made over a preceding couple of decades. If one wishes to, these days aluminium windows and doors feature innovative thermal breaks which are smartly placed within the frames. This in turn prevents too much heat from being conducted. Some manufacturers also go as far as using layers of Aerogel in their frames, which is such an effective insulator. Eventually, the degree of thermal efficiency extended by both aluminium windows and UPVC windows is inconsistent. Either of them can be chosen and this comes down to the quality of materials and manufacturing processes used.
  • Comparison of security of UPVC and aluminium windows. 

Both the aluminium and UPVC are durable. The windows crafted out of them are pretty secure, and significantly more so as compared to timber windows which can be vulnerable to forced entry given that they fall prey to degrading. The level of security a window provides tends to vary with its quality. No matter if you opt for aluminium or UPVC, what’s important is that you have durable, modern, multipoint locks, that you can rest assured that your windows will be secure.

  • Soundproofing differences between UPVC and aluminium

One of the advantages of UPVC windows over aluminium is that they tend to offer better quality soundproofing. This doesn’t mean to say that aluminium windows aren’t effective enough at soundproofing, but UPVC does it slightly better and wins out when it comes to blocking out exterior unwanted noises.

  • Aesthetic differences between aluminium and UPVC windows

One of the reasons for the surge in popularity of aluminium windows in recent years is the aesthetic appeal that it wraps itself up with. These windows have a sleek style to offer. Aluminium window contours can be much narrower than UPVC. This gives them a cleaner, minimalistic look that is very distinguished in contemporary homes.

The other benefit of slim window frames is that they not only enhance the aesthetics but also help in improving sightlines from the window. This helps your home attain a stunning view altogether. Despite their slim frames, aluminium is robust enough. This helps people get large panes of glass for their house. This also means that if you have a large aperture, you may not be required to divide it into multiple panes that often breaks down the aesthetic appeal. This also promotes better views and more natural light being able to enter the home.

Aluminium windows attributes:

  • Sleek style
  • Minimalist
  • Improved sightlines
  • More natural light

UPVC windows attributes:

  • Various colours and finishes
  • Plastic appearance
  • Good value

Though UPVC windows have a bit of a downgrading reputation. This is so because this gives them an appearance of being bulky and unsightly. Also at times, the plastic look is not particularly appealing for homeowners who want something luxurious and unique for their designer homes.

Aluminium on the other hand offers lots of variety regarding the finish. Most aluminium windows are finished with a powder coating that enhances their durability and adds to their stylish and luxurious appearance.

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